Picture Cutout Guide 2.8 by saleemsoftzone


Now it is easy to change background of picture with Picture Cutout Guide. This usefull application will allow you to simply exclude background and to get what you want from your picture and to place it on another background. This way you can set your pictures look like you were on some great holiday. Picture Cutout Guide is a fun to use application for simple photomontages that will be fuuny for your friends and family, you can easily play eith it.

You can separate any object from an picture and store it for later use so you could add it to other photo. This software product was intend to be used as an application that can separate any object from an image. With Picture Cutout Guide you will be able to save exact object caracteristics and to change image size and aspect ratio if you wish.

Many great features will make your job much easier and you will enjoy making photomontages. Effects that you have at your disposal can be applied to any object that is separated from background. Also you can easily change background color, reduce brightnes, blur the background or make it monochrome.

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