Hide Folder 2012 Full Version With Crack

  • Immediate data protection (protect and unprotect commands are execited in no time).

  • 4 protection methods available: Hide, Lock, Hide & Lock, Read Only

  • NTFS, FAT32, exFAT and FAT volumes are supported.

  • File masks (wildcards) support.

  • Unlimited number of folders can be protected at the same time.

  • No limits on the size of protected data.

  • Trusted processes support - processes which are permitted to access the protected data. 

    Hide & Lock :The protected file or folder will not be visible to a user and it will not be possible to access them. This protection mode unites Hide and Lock. 
  • Read only : You can access the protected files and folders, but you cannot modify them. If you protect folder contents (using asterisk wildcard), you cannot copy files into the folder. 
  • No protection:If you choose this method, your file or folder will remain unprotected. This method is recommended when you need to unprotect one folder temporarily. If you want to unprotect a folder forever, just remove it from the list.


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