Use your Mobile Phone Camera as Webcam

I remember those days when webcam first came and I think it would be a dream for me to get. Now a lot of laptops have built in webcams still Desktop computers misses Webcams. Now I am a kind of person who likes to utilize many features of one gadget. That’s why I am writing this article. Now days we all have mobile phone with camera in it but I
think lot of people still don’t have webcam like me. So today I tell you how to use your mobile phone camera as a webcam. All you need is

•  Mobile phone with java, Blue-tooth and camera in it.
•  Blue-tooth adapter for desktop
•  A Computer
•  Software which converts your mobile cam to a webcam.

First of all Download and install Smart Cam V1.5 on your computer. Now you’ll need to pair your Mobile phone with computer from Blue-tooth. Run smart cam program in windows. And open smart cam in your cell phone as well. In windows, choose Blue-tooth as the connection in Files>settings.
In mobile phone you can select connect and choose the PC but you should note that your PC must be visible to everyone in order to detect the PC by cell phone. If everything goes well, you’ll be seeing through cell phone’s camera in your computer. You can use it as webcam in instant messengers like hot-mail and yahoo.

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