Window 8 costmizing By Muhammad Saleem

Run Win8 Metro apps on desktop with free modernStart

Stardock released ModernMix that allows Windows 8 users to run the Modern (Metro) apps in a window on the desktop. But being upset with the fact that Stardock is charging for such a simple app, Villain came up with a free alternative to ModernMix.


use a hotkey keypress to resize the Windows 8 Start Screen to 800×600, aligned to the taskbar (standard bottom-left position)

How To Use:

READ THE TEXT ON THE FORM. Seriously, it is super-simple.
You can shrink (Control+Shift+K)
You can restore (Control+Shift+R)


The Start screen will stay this way until you log off, reboot, shutdown, etc… As I said before, working on a way to automate it.
Sizing Options now in place, for those that hate 800*600, have a low resolution, have a high resolution, whatever.

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