Free WinZip Tool


  • In addition to usual archive management (Add / Remove / Extract files), AZip provides the following unique functions:
  • Super-fast in-archive Search function: content and/or entry name search through a Zip archive. No temp files written!
  • Smart archive Updater: changes only new, modified files
  • Archive Recompression: makes Zip archives smaller
  • Easy toggle from Flat view to Tree view, and back
  • Multi-document
  • Compression methods supported: Reduce, Shrink, Implode, Deflate, Deflate64, BZip2, LZMA
  • Encryption
  • Portable (no installation needed, no DLL); can operate with a config file instead of the registry (stealth mode)
  • Installable if desired (application is its own installer)
  • Compatible with other Zip archivers, regardless of the Operating System
  • Free, open-source

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